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What is AlgoPro

AlgoPro uses over 15 years of trading experience and over 30 indicators/tools to create one complex, unique trading tool. It's the single most powerful indicator in all financial markets. Using real time data, AlgoPro does the comprehensive work to guide you in the markets. Our indicators and signals are designed for all styles of trading.

AlgoPro V1 & V1.2

Our V1 and V1.2 indicators uses a blend of Moving Averages combined with trend confluence signals, and a plethora of more customizable tools to provide you strong bullish and bearing indications. When these comprehensive tools trigger together, you'll get live buy and sell signals as well as recommended Profit Taking zones and a Stop Loss as well. AlgoPro V1 and V1.2 allows you to visualize complex trading tools in a simplistic, easy to use way.


AlgoPro V2 & V3

Our V2 and V3 Indicator is a comprehensive oscillator package that allows for the most precise areas of overbought, oversold, and various divergences in price.. Combining many complex trading tools into one - when triggered alone or together - you will get different strengths of signals. This indicator is great for predicting strong reversal and swings in any market.

AlgoPro Scalper Bot
& V3

The AlgoPro Scalper is complex software designed to make a large volume of high percentage, low risk trades on most time frames. Using a blend of indicators and strategies only our algorithm has done, this bot is able to detect areas of high confidence trends and execute small profitable trades over and over again while avoiding areas of chop and ranging price action.. With proven results and the ability to back-test this bot on any asset - it consistently produces profitable results and can be fully automated to most 3rd party automation software.

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AlgoPro Dashboard
& Reversal Suit

The AlgoPro Dashboard is a comprehensive all-in-one market tool. Get an instant read on any asset in any market. Using every vital technical analysis indicator - the AlgoPro Dashboard tells you the market sentiment and which TA are giving bullish / bearing signals. Our Reversal Suite uses a dynamic blend of band supports and also provides Bull/Bear signals when a potential reversal area/candle is detected.

AlgoPro Trend SR

The AlgoPro Trend SR tool automatically detect points of support and resistance based on past/present trends, pivot points, and order block/volume. Our comprehensive algorithms will track these zones and reverse them upon breakthroughs and breakdowns. With tons of alerts and customizable options within our settings, you'll never need to manually create your own trend lines and support zones again.


AlgoPro Volume SR

The AlgoPro Volume SR uses a blend of retail and institutional volume metrics to determine areas of possible support and resistance. The actual values of the volume are calculated and shown on the volume profile area with dynamic colors of bullish and bearish with the strength of the color brightening where volume is highest. These values are then translated onto the chart with our dynamic heat map. The areas of the volume profile that have possible support and resistances values will glow brighter/weaker depending on the strength of those values helping you see what areas of price to watch.

AlgoPro Reversal
Trader V1

The AlgoPro Reversal Trader V1 is a ground breaking system for contrarian trader or trend traders that want areas to take potential profit on their trades. Our state of the ark reversal detection uses many strong reversal technicals while also reading live price action, volume, and candle data to find precise areas where price could reverse in the opposite direction. Real time buy and sell signals are then triggered with dynamic take profit and stop losses to help guide your trade.

Screenshot 2023-04-15 115914.png

AlgoPro Swing Bot

The AlgoPro Swing Bot is the perfect tool to set and forget if you want the highest chance at catching every huge up swing and down swing that occurs in the market. Using a blend of technicals that are fully customizable, our system looks for trades that could be the start of a big swing in the market with a much more strict set of rules for opening a position. Once these trades are detected, our bot is optimized to follow that price action for a as long as possible or to close that trade immediately if price action does not continue. This helps traders catch very profitable swings in the market while maintaining a great risk to reward ratio.

View our full guide to get more in depth details on each of our indicators!

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